Have a great idea for a book,
but don’t have time to write it?

The Novel Doctor can write that book for you.

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In the publishing industry, writing a book for someone else is called “ghost writing.” As a professional ghostwriter, I am a professional writer and the creator of the narrative spine for a book. But the book is composed of your ideas and is created at your direction. Your insights shape the book that is produced, and the book ultimately bears your name as “author.” I’ve worked with nationally known technology leaders to produce books that provide a broader platform for their innovative ideas. I can do the same for you.

This engagement is a long-term commitment and the pricing for an engagement of this type varies tremendously, depending on the book project, the style and focus of the book and the projected book length. During the course of the book creation process, I can work with you to land literary representation and work with a publisher to hone your book for publication.

My role as a professional ghostwriter is to create your book and bring your story into the world.

Let’s go! 

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There is no charge for an initial consult.