You’re a great writer, but you’re a little stuck on this story. You need a professional to get you through the next revision and on to a publishable manuscript.

The Novel Doctor can give you that crucial push.

Tell Me Your Story

The engagement comprises a month-to-six-week long journey together. During that time period, I will provide multiple read-throughs and a complete critique and evaluation of your book, as well as comprehensive thoughts on your next steps in the revision process. It includes a 30-page written response to your book and four video sessions with me to discuss your manuscript and talk about the next steps in your publication journey.

Prices vary depending on book-length, author experience and your manuscript’s readiness for publication. Average fees for this service range between $2000 and $5000.

My role as a book coach is to push you forward to the finish line of completing your book and bringing your story into the world.

Let’s go! 

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Extra encouragement always provided as part of the package!

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