Writing can be a lonely calling — often you have few compatriots. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who can travel beside you, grieve the lost darlings and rejoice in the triumphant conclusion?

That’s what I do as a Novel Doctor.
I walk with you on your writing journey.

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A complete book coach engagement comprises a working relationship that continues for many weeks and months. Our time together includes a weekly video or phone call, email discussions throughout the week to discuss your work, and my focused engagement with your writing process. I provide you with blueprints that can make your process smoother, and I assist you in thinking through story points, plot twists, character motivations and world-building. We’ll plan the next steps in your publication journey together. The Novel Doctor complete coaching work is a 3-month minimum engagement.

Prices vary depending on the length of the work, and an initial evaluation of your manuscript to determine suitability for book coaching. To begin the process, please click on the button and fill out this contact form.

My role as a book coach is to push you forward to the finish line of completing your book and bringing your story into the world.

Let’s go! 

Tell Me Your Story

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