I know the publishing journey can be frustrating.
In this one-hour consultation, you can learn how to write a book. I can also provide publishing industry insight and encouragement.

My work as a professional book coach is to help you succeed in your writing journey. During our consultation, I can help you understand how to write a book, how to evaluate agent responses and facilitate editorial pitches. I can also advise on your story, guide on editorial strategies and help you plan next steps in publication. If you’re planning on traditional publication or seeking to self-publish, I’ll also refer you to additional resources that can guide you further towards publication. I’d be happy to learn about your story and help direct your book to the right place for publication.

My consultations are virtual (even more so during the age of Covid). So we’ll use Google Meets or Zoom, available for all computer/phone platforms.

My fee for a 1-hour Open Consult is $157.

Schedule a One Hour Consultation

How to Write a Book Consultation:

  • A focused time of 60 minutes with me, to use as you wish.
  • Basic overview of how to write a book and seek publication.
  • Real-time responses to your inquiries regarding book marketing, book plotting, writing process and publishing practices.
  • Real-time response to query pitches and book plots or frustrations with agents, editors or publishers. I cannot read your entire book or sample prior to this consultation (sign up for a different consultation if you’d like to assign query letter homework), but I can respond to a query on the spot with sincere, honest feedback.
  • A free ebook that will help you learn further about how to write a book and seek publication. If you’re interested in self-publishing, I’ll be happy to send you a free copy of David Gaughran’s Let’s Get Digital, or if you’re publishing traditionally, I’ll send over Jane Friedman’s Publishing 101. I won’t be pushing any books I’ve written — instead, I’m happy to send you a book by authors I recommend.
  • You will receive the complete video/audio of our meeting, as well as a transcript.

My promise to you:

I will make our time together valuable and meaningful. I will not use our time to upsell you on any additional services. Instead, I will carefully listen to your questions, understand your position and do my best to answer all of your questions (time permitting). In consulting with me, you’re paying for a lifetime of learning the writing trade, my past work with agents and editors, and my knowledge of publishing practices. I can cut through the confusion and help you land on the right path.

  • Note that this consultation does not include an advance read of any materials provided by you. If you would like me to review your query and manuscript sample in advance, and your inquiries are focused on agent querying, please sign up for my Query Coaching One Hour Consult

Typical Topics:

Literary Agent Queries

Today, many agents are overwhelmed with query letters. I can give you an agent’s perspective on the market, help you to understand where your query might be going awry, and assist you in creating effective interactions with literary agents.


Self-publishing has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. If you’re trying to decide between traditional publishing or self-publishing, I can help you delineate the differences and evaluate the pros and cons. I can assist in outlining the work behind a self-published book, from creating a publishing team, crafting marketing copy, editing the book, and finding the right venues and platforms to promote your work.

Online Marketing and Promotion

I founded a magazine that now has over 30,000 online readers per month. I can help you promote your work online to a large audience, whether you’re a publisher, author, or content creator. My past work has included extensive social media and online marketing initiatives, and I can walk you through how to make the most of your online presence. We can talk through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. (Sadly, I am not a TikTok master.) However, I can discuss podcast strategies and online promotion in many other venues.

Other Services

If you’re in need of more focused and detailed consulting, and your inquiries can’t be answered in a one-hour session, I’d recommend one of my other consulting services. In these additional sessions, I evaluate your work on a more considered and long-term basis.

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