Nonfiction books are big business. If you want to write this unique type of book, you need to pitch your idea with a solidly written proposal.
I can show you how to succeed.

Tell Me About Your Nonfiction Book Idea

Nonfiction books now outsell every category of fiction by a very wide margin. In fact, nonfiction is now a $6 billion bookselling market. However, because there is so much competition, it is more challenging than ever before to successfully pitch a nonfiction book to a traditional publisher.

In this crowded market, your book proposal must serve as a comprehensive business plan for your book and persuade publishers you have an idea that will take the world by storm. I’ve worked with authors on a wide variety of book proposals, and I can show you proven methods of crafting a nonfiction proposal that can win the hearts and minds of agents, publishers and, ultimately, your reading audience.

Note that prices for nonfiction book proposal coaching vary depending on your readiness for the market, the depth of your idea, and the capability of you or your team to write the book. 

My role as a book coach is to push you forward to the finish line of completing your book and bringing your story into the world.

Let’s go! 

Tell Me About Your Nonfiction Book Idea

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